Fertilizer Programs

Our Custom Lawn Fertilizer Program: Turf Pro uses only the highest quality combination of granular & liquid applications. Our licensed technicians will customize a program specially for your lawn to ensure a healthy and resilient turf. We will constantly adjust the products and fertilizers depending on the weather conditions to ensure we are doing what is best for your lawn.

The full program includes:

Early Spring Crabgrass control + Fertilizer – A complete, balanced fertilizer with a crabgrass pre-emergent. This treatment will encourage spring green up and help to prevent crabgrass and many other summer annual weeds.

Spring, Summer, Fall Weed Controls – These 3 separate applications include a complete, balanced fertilizer with a broadleaf weed control. These treatments will further improve the turf’s health and vigor and control most broadleaf weeds.

Grub Control – This application will prevent grub damage from occurring in fall by controlling many different types of grub larvae, including Japanese beetle larvae. This application is typically done in conjunction with the early summer application to ensure proper timing.

Summer Surface Feeding Insect Control – This application will control surface feeding insects, such as chinch bugs and sod webworms, which can cause severe damage to the turf during summer months. This application also contains a light rate of fertilizer to help sustain the turf through the summer.

Late Fall/Winter Lawn Fertilizer – A fertilizer application designed to prepare the turf for the coming winter months. This treatment can be done as a liquid or granular application.

Aeration and Overseeding – Aerating the lawn is very good maintenance practice. This will help to incorporate air into the soil which will allow the roots to respire, allow better water and fertilizer absorption, and help to break up and reduce thatch. Aeration and seeding are best done in the fall.
Lime – Lime helps to balance the soils Ph level. An unbalanced Ph level can lock essential nutrients and micro-nutrients in the soil. This in turn can prevent the turf from being able to properly utilize these nutrients. Lime can be done anytime of the season, but, typically is done in spring and fall.