When someone says they are an organically based company or that they used all organically based products, that is not the same as a true organic treatment or program. It is merely a play on words. Every company in the lawn care industry can claim they are organically based due to the fact that the fertilizers or products contain carbon molecules. If you are getting crabgrass control, weed controls, or grub controls they are pesticides. A true organic program is nothing but straight fertilizer applications and these other companies are using the exact same products as everyone else uses. All that is being done is that your fear of pesticides is being brought into play to sway your decision to use their ‘organically based program’. Arsenic is ‘organic’ in nature but that doesn’t mean I am going to ingest it. On a 15 thousand sq. ft. property there is only 16.5 oz. of weed control being applied. It is not the amount of product that it may appear to be. The majority of the application you see being applied is an 80%-90% water carrier and 10%-20% of the fertilizers. If you wanted an all organic program you have to remember that there will be no pesticides (crabgrass control, grub control, weed control, surface insect control, nutsedge control or any other type of chemical control) included with the applications. It would be just straight fertilizers and more then likely they would be granular fertilizers.

What an ‘interesting’ season for mowing. The challenges this season were many for the mowing crews. The turf never really dried during the season and it was difficult to not leave turn marks or ruts because of the weather conditions. Usually during the summer we are skipping a few mowings because of the lack of growth and dry summer conditions but, not this season. Our mowing list has been full for the majority of the season and we have many customers that are on a waiting list for next season already. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we will not take on more clients then we can handle and still deliver a quality service for the mowing. We apologize if you wanted us to provide mowing for you but are unable to do so.

Snow removal services:
We are no longer doing residential snow removal services. We will continue to do the snow removal for our current customers that have this service but are no longer taking on any new clients for this service. Over the years is has just become too difficult to do a timely job for residential clients for a number of factors. Our apologies if this is a service that you needed.

Landscape Maintenance

  • Bed Clean-up: If you didn’t have a chance to do a good clean-up to your property and landscape beds then it will be even more important to have this done. Decaying matter in the lawn and landscape can cause plant decline, disease, and cause dead patches in the lawn. We can do an early spring clean up for you if you didn’t have a chance to do a proper fall clean up.
  • Proper pruning is of the utmost importance. If there are landscape items that have grown too big, many times they can be resized. Heavy pruning to resize the landscape should be done either early spring or later in the fall depending on the plant variety and requirements. Regular pruning is key to the aesthetic appearance as well as the overall health of your landscape.
  • Bed maintenance can also make a big difference to the landscape. Keeping your beds free of weeds and debris will not only help it to look better but, weeds will cause competition for water and nutrients with the landscape and debris can encourage diseases. We can do a once a month program or more depending on your landscape’s needs.

Hardscape/Landscape projects
Please feel free to give us a call with any projects you want to get started or, any on going projects you may have. We have a landscape designer on staff and our hardscaping is second to none.