Lawn and Tree Care Services

Not every property or landscape has the same requirements for applications. Our staff professionals will evaluate your lawn & landscape for specific problems and advise on the best programs for your property’s needs.

All of our lawn care programs include service calls and post emergent spot treatment for any crabgrass that may break through. We stand behind our service, and we’re not happy until you are.

 lawn care programs


6 applications


Organically based, bio-microbial enhanced fertilizers

Industry proven pre-emergent crabgrass controls

Premium 4-way weed control with nutsedge control

Guaranteed grub preventative


based on 3,000 sq ft. per season 


8 applications


Our Basic Program +

Spring lime with enhanced microbial properties

Seasonal surface insect control for sod webworms and chinch bugs


based on 3,000 sq ft. per season 


10 applications


Preferred Program+

Fall lime with enhanced microbial properties

Fall core aeration to reduce thatch, soil compaction and improve root development and turf health


based on 3,000 sq ft. per season 

Basic program includes:

Early Spring: Crabgrass pre-emergent with fertilizer
Spring: 4-way weed control with fertilizer
Late Spring/Early Summer: 4-way weed control with fertilizer
Early Summer/Summer: guaranteed grub control
Fall: 4-way weed control with fertilizer
Late Fall/Winter: Dormant fertilizer

Service calls are included with our programs as well as any spot treatment of crabgrass which may have broken through the pre-emergent barrier in the summer months. This can happen depending on environmental conditions, improper mowing practices, or many other factors which can influence the efficacy of the pre-emergent barrier.

tree applications

Every landscape is different, and our tree and shrub program is specifically tailored to enhance the overall health of your landscape, manage damaging insect populations, and improve flowering and foliage production.

Spring Applications

Dormant Oil, Deep Root, Fertilization, Insect Soil Injection

Spring Applications

Dormant Oil: Best for the control of scale insects as well as many other insects and their eggs.

Deep Root Fertilization: Will enhance the health and vigor of the landscape and enhance flower & foliage production.

Insect Soil Injection: Season long control for spotted lanternfly, borers, leaf minor, lace bugs, as well as many other landscape pests.

Summer Applications

Japanese Beetle Control, (4x) Insect & Spider Mite Controls

Summer Applications

Starting late spring through the late summer months, these treatments will control Japanese beetles, bagworms, spider mites, aphids, lace bugs, webworms, caterpillar nests, spotted lanternfly nymphs, and a wide range of devastating landscape pests.

The number of treatments is based on the landscape’s needs and can range from 1 to 4 treatments.

Fall Applications

Dormant Oil, Deep Root Fertilization, Anti-Desiccant Application

Fall Applications

Dormant oil: Can be applied both spring & fall for severe scale infestation and to prevent insects and their eggs from overwintering.

Deep Root Fertilization: will provide essential nutrients for the landscape before winter dormancy and aid in spring recovery.

Anti-desiccant: Will protect the evergreens from harsh winter wind burn.

Fungicide Program

(4x) Fungicide & Disease Applications

Fungicide Program

Fungicides are essential for many trees and shrubs to look their best from crabapples & hawthorns to dogwoods and pachysandra.

Typically, more than one treatment is required for proper disease control and sometimes up to 4 are required.

Our staff professional will diagnose your landscape and recommend a fungicide program to fit your needs and budget.