Our Lawn Care Tree & Shrub programs are designed to enhance, beautify and maintain your lawn and landscape. There are many factors which can influence the color, thickness, and overall health of the turf. Weather conditions such as too much rainfall and summer drought, heavy shade from trees, pets/animal damage, and heavy foot traffic are just a few of these factors which can have a negative impact on the turf.

Proper mowing practices can also have a large impact with the condition of the turf. Mowing too short and dull mower blades can cause excessive stress, allow disease to develop, permit the germination of crabgrass, and general turf decline. Mowing at a minimum of a 3” height and removing only 1/3 of the grass blades with each mowing will help to relieve stress and allow the lawn to naturally thicken. This in turn will help to control crabgrass and weeds. Mowing can be done the following day after a liquid treatment or even the same day depending on when the application was applied. If there has been no rainfall after the application, please leave the clippings as to not remove any product that may still be on the grass blades. Mowing can be done at anytime after a granular treatment. Mowers do not typically have the power to remove any granular product that was applied.

If there are problems or questions between applications, free service calls are a part of our full lawn program. We will come out to investigate the problem and inform you as to what the problem is and what steps need to be taken to correct the problem. If it is an issue that should be remedied with our regular treatments, we will resolve the problem without additional charges. Sometimes however, additional treatments are needed (such as lawn fungicides or surface feeding insect controls) that may be billable depending on the situation. This will be conveyed to you before any further steps are taken.

The lawn care applications will be applied as either a granular application or as a liquid application. Which type of application will be determined by the timing of the treatment, the weather, and what type of treatment is being applied. In most cases, any rainfall will benefit these treatments. In the case of heavy rainfall immediately after a weed control application, please allow at least 7-10 days for the weeds to show signs of curling from the weed control application before calling for a service call.

When a liquid application is done, please allow a minimum of an hour before walking out on the turf, or until the application has a chance to dry. This includes pets. The amount of time the application can take to dry can vary depending on the humidity and temperatures. Typically the application will dry within an hour or two. If a pet needs to be let out before this time has passed, please make certain to either wash off the pets pads and feet or wipe them thoroughly with a damp paper towel. With a granular application, you may walk on the turf anytime after treatment.

Our goal here at Turfpro is to give you the type of lawn you can be proud of. We will do everything we can to ensure that you are happy with your lawn, and with our service. When people ask you who does your lawn applications, we want you to be able to recommend Turfpro with confidence.