Spring and Fall Dormant Oil- This is a horticultural grade oil which is applied in the early spring, late fall, or both depending on the types of insects present and the severity of the infestation. This application is the most effective treatment for the control of scale insects but, also does an excellent job at controlling spider mites, aphids, and many other types of landscape pests as well as their eggs. This application is an integral part of any tree and shrub program.

Spring and Fall Deep Root Fertilization– This liquid fertilizer is injected directly into the soil, at the drip-line, where the plant’s feeder roots are located. This application will enhance the landscape’s health and vigor, help to develop a healthy root system, and improve the plant’s flower and foliar production.

Insecticide Soil Injection– This liquid application is excellent for controlling leaf minor damage on birch trees and American hollies as well as other varieties of damaging pests on select plant material. This application is injected into the soil and is translocated through the root system and out into the foliage. This application is done in the early spring to ensure the product has ample time to be moved throughout the plants.

Fungicide– These applications will help to control many different types of fungus and disease on the landscape. Crabapples, in particular, will require multiple treatments beginning at bud break. These applications will help to control diseases on crabapples such as cedar apple rust, and apple scab. Control from season to season can vary depending on the weather conditions. With the exception of the crabapples, diagnosis is usually needed to determine the type of fungus or disease that may be present and the appropriate control measures that would need to be used, if any.

Insect and Mite Control– These applications are done during the most active times for damaging landscape pests. Spider mites, aphids, bagworms, and Japanese beetles are just a few of the landscape pests that are controlled with these treatments. Different products are used for these applications depending on the time of the treatment and the target insects that are being controlled. There are three insect and mite control applications that are done from spring through the fall months.

Anti-desiccant Application– This application is applied to evergreens before the onset of the winter weather. Its purpose is to protect the sensitive evergreen foliage from severe winter wind damage due to moisture loss.