*Weekly Mowing Service: Weekly mowing includes string trimming of the perimeter of the landscape beds, trees, walkways, driveways, around buildings, etc. Blowing clippings from hard surfaces will be performed at the end of the mowing service. Mowing will be performed every 7-10 days (depending on weather conditions). During conditions of drought or other circumstances, when the turf may not need to be mowed, our crew will evaluate and make the determination if the mowing would need to be skipped for that week. You would not be billed for any mowings that are skipped due to weather conditions. In the event of multiple weeks being skipped due to excessive wet conditions, and the turf has become exceedingly high, the subsequent mowing would need to be billed on an hourly basis.

**In the fall months we will need to bill for any clean up of leaves or debris with the mowing service, and the disposal of, on an as-needed basis. This will be billed on an hourly rate and may be for multiple weeks depending on the amount of leaves present. If this is a service that you do not want to be performed you must notify the office ahead of time. We would then skip any mowing that is scheduled if the leaves and debris were too severe and would return after a clean up has been performed. If multiple weeks need to be skipped, and the grass has become extremely high, then the following mowing would be done on a time and material hourly basis.

**In an average season there are 28 mowings. This number can vary depending on the season’s weather conditions. We will continue to mow the turf until the end of the growing season unless otherwise notified. If you are a prepay customer we will honor your prepay discount for the additional mowings. If we do fewer mowings then you have prepaid for, we will apply the remaining balance to the next season’s services unless otherwise notified.

Bed Edging: The cost of bed edging is based on linear feet. If the bed edges need to be re-established or are in disrepair, the initial cost for edging would be higher the first time this service is performed. Areas that are in contact with stone beds do require more labor and can sometimes require additional stones for a professional and manicured appearance. This service is normally done in the spring with the mulching or as requested. This is a renewable service unless otherwise notified.

Landscape Mulch: The cost of mulching is determined by the amount of mulch that is needed. Mulch is applied to an approx. the depth of 1.5-2 inches deep. Mulching too heavily can cause plant decline. You can choose between black or brown mulch at the same pricing. Delivery and labor are included with the mulch pricing. This is a renewable service unless otherwise notified.

Bed Pre-Emergence Applications: This service will help to reduce the germination of annual weeds. This service can be done once in the spring or multiple times throughout the season. Perennial weeds, such as thistle or nutsedge, are not controlled by this service. This service is intended to be done in mulch beds. Stone beds may have limited results. In areas of stone, a bed maintenance program would be more appropriate. The amount of weeds is greatly affected by the weather conditions. This is a renewable service unless otherwise notified. This service is best done in conjunction with the bed maintenance program for best results.

Note: This service does not guarantee a weed-free landscape but can greatly reduce the number of annual weeds.

Bed Maintenance: Bed maintenance is provided twice a month, or as needed/requested, to keep the beds free of weeds, debris, and spent flowers. Round-up will be applied in open areas to help to control weeds. Areas that are too close to plant material will have the weeds hand pulled. The frequency or level of service to be performed would be determined by your request. We can do just a quick cleaning or a very detailed cleaning based on your requirements. The service’s cost is based on time and material per man hour. From season to season the weeds can be better or worse dependent on the weather conditions. If extra bed maintenance is required you can call to add additional services at any time. This is a renewable service unless otherwise notified.

Spring/Fall Clean-up: These services are billed on an hourly basis with a minimal disposal fee (if applicable). The degree of the clean-up is entirely up to you. We can do an entire property clean-up or just the beds. Typically clean-ups include (but are not limited to) cleaning leaves and debris from the turf and landscape beds, cutting back of grasses and perennials, weeding of the beds, or any additional tasks that you request to be done with the service. If round up or similar products are required we will bill for the materials used. Instructions are provided to the crews for special jobs or if circumstance requires special instructions per customer requests. This is a renewable service unless otherwise notified.

Spring/Summer/Fall Shrub Trimming: Trimming and pruning of ornamental trees and landscape shrubs is extremely important to maintain their size and health. Typically, landscape maps of the property are made and each plant is labelled with instructions for the crew to follow. It is a good practice every few years to cut certain plants back harder to rejuvinate their health and vigor where other plants need to be pruned at specific times of the season to ensure maximum blooming and fullness. Our experienced staff is knowledgable in these areas. The detailed maps are included when the crew comes to your property and in special circumstances, or with more complicated lanscapes, our tree and shrub specialist will instruct the crew on site before the work is to be done. We know how important your landscape is to you and it is just as precious to us. This service does renew from season to season unless otherwise notified. If it is a specialty pruning job, or a one-time landscape resizing, this service is not renewable. The pricing for this service will be given before any work is to be performed. Specialty pruning for specimen plant material willl be perfomed by a member of our staff having the experience and knowledge of that plant material (ie. Japanese maples, coral bark maples, etc.).

One time services: We can do any of our service, excluding mowing, on a one time basis if requested. Just please be certain to inform either the representative or the office that job is a ‘one time only’ service. Our service do renew automatically unless otherwise instructed.

Winter Conformation Letters: Over the winter months we will mail out confirmation lettters to inform you of the services which are scheduled to be done in the upcoming season. These letters also give you the opportunity to take advantage of pre-pay savings and additional savings on selected services. If changes are needed to your services for the upcoming season, or if you have questions about the scheduled services, please give us a call. We can make modifications to your services or answer any questions that you may have.

*Travel times to the job site are billable for our hourly services.

*We do not perform bi-weekly mowing. Weather conditions and growth rates are too unpredictable from week to week to accurately price this type of service.

From all of us here, I want to thank you for reading through this pamphlet and considering us for your lawn and landscape needs. We strive for the highest level of quality and customer service. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call at anytime.