2021 Season 2

Welcome to our new front desk

With 2020 now in the rear view mirror (thank goodness) we can all look forward to a new year. Last season certainly had it’s share of challenges and we want to thank all of our loyal customers for your continued support. Without you there would be no TurfPro.

The 2021 crabgrass control application and lime treatments are being done at this time. Remember: Two years ago we didn’t start applications until the 2nd week of April due to the snow layer and last year we started the 2nd week of March because of the lack of snow coverage and warmer temperatures.

*** The forsythia blooming is not a sign that the crabgrass control is late. Please be patient. The old farmer’s almanac guideline of the forsythia in bloom is only partially true and it actually says ‘when the flowers drop’. Not when it is in bloom. The early blooming of the forsythia due to some warmer weather, then the colder nights we had are making the forsythia drop blooms prematurely. Crabgrass will not germinate until the soil temperatures are a consistent 55 degrees which can take quite a while with the cooler nights. Crabgrass control can be applied up into May and achieve excellent results. Furthermore, there are products we use which are both a pre-emergent and a post emergent. We can switch to these products if we get a spike in temperatures to ensure proper crabgrass control. Remember the official frost date for our area is not until May 15th ***

I do not normally link to other sites but the association of the forsythia and crabgrass control has become such an issue I wanted you to see what others have been posting as well…

Tech Tip: Forsythia and Crabgrass – National Association of Landscape Professionals

Even Penn State had to debunk the ‘forsythia rule’ and states that for our region the crabgrass control can be done into May so please, don’t panic…

Control of Summer Annual Grass Weeds in Turfgrasses (psu.edu)

If you need estimates for any of the work we perform please give the office a call soon! The longer you wait the busier we will become. Now is a great time to get the estimates so you can make your decisions.

2021 Season 3

We are really looking forward to this year with the opening of our brand new facility just south on route 100 in Zionsville at 6591 Chestnut Street, Zionsville, Pa. 18092 (old Somerset Nursery location). We have just moved in and are quickly getting things organized. By all means, come take a look! It is quite a difference from our old facility. We will be reopening the nursery in the near future and are looking to expand on the nursery with a whole new look and exciting features. We have many ideas in the works and anything you feel would be advantageous for you as a consumer, or something you would like to see us implement, by all means send us an email or give us a call. One idea is to have a once a month after dinner ‘class’ for hummingbird gardening, classes for proper plant care and maintenance, basic pruning and trimming tutorials, and other information ‘classes’ for those who are interested. We are genuinely excited about finally getting into this new facility.

Once again, thank you so much for your continued support through 2020 with all it’s trials and tribulations and we hope to see you soon.

Brian Dunning
Lawn care manager/CSR